A most wondrous thing happened to CCHS recently when  we received a donation from "one of our own."

Naomi Albrecht of Port O'Connor presented CCHS with a check for 
$100,000.00! One of the core members dating back to our first meeting in 2005, she saved and planned for a dream home for her and husband Clarence. Somehow they never got around to building that home, and now that money will ensure a "dream home" for CCHS and all the 
animals there awaiting their new forever homes.

In planning any structure there will always be unexpected expenses and occasionally items that need to be changed or added, and this money provides a cushion that will make it possible to make those 
changes as well as any surprises that might occur "down the road."

A widow now, Naomi has been a very active member of Calhoun County since she came here as a young woman to teach at Port O'Connor. A teacher, principal, PTA member at local, regional and state levels, member of CCISD Board of Trustees and eventually President as 
well as belonging  to many other organizations, she has given her life and time to doing and accomplishing so much to help this community and its people. And as an animal lover, she found yet another need for her to reach out and help, and there she was at that first meeting and 
here we are now.

Thank you, Naomi Albrecht, for this very generous donation as well as for being the wonderful person you are who has given so much of yourself to so many!

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