Our big fundraiser held Saturday, September 10th  at the Bauer Center was a huge success. You came from  everywhere to push us closer to our goal. We are now at $487,673.40 which is 87% of our goal of $566,389. We are now only $78,715.60 from reaching that goal! What a massive thing for CCHS and the animals is being accomplished by all of you who are such wonderful supporters.

So many people did so much to make this fund raising event the success it was. The Nightriders were great crowd pleasers as always, the food was so 
delicious,many compliments were made to the chef. It was very gratifying to hear how much everyone enjoyed the evening. Good friends, good food, good music and a lot of generosity made it the very enjoyable success it was.

We want to give a huge thanks to our sponsors of three tables:Lester Contracting, Inc., Ken and Melissa Lester, "Kitty Cat Stroll"; Quality Control Testing, Inc., Robert and Kay McPherson, "Kitty Cat Stroll" and RLB Contracting, Inc., Randy and Debra Boyd, "Big Dog Strut".We wish we could thank each one of you who brought items for the auctions as well as all of you generous people who opened your hearts and bid on all these 
items. Many thanks to Mark Daigle for doing a great job as auctioneer.
Thank you for being there for us again. As we've said before, YOU are CCHS, we couldn't do what we do without YOU!

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