We are also extremely proud and happy that we recently received THREE generous grants:

The Earl C. Sams Foundation of Corpus Christi, which gave us $5,000 for our building fund last year, presented us recently with $20,000, again for our  building fund. Thank you SO much!

HEB, a good friend to our community and so many others, has contributed to worthy causes throughout Texas and Mexico for 110 years. A grant of $10,000 was received along with a sincere hope for our success, many thanks HEB!

The Meadows Foundation, established by Algur and Virginia Meadows in 1948 to benefit the people of Texas, is among the most recognized family foundations in the country. Since its inception, The 
Meadows Foundation  has distributed more than $775 million in grants to more than 3,000 Texas Institutions  and agencies. CCHS was extremely gratified to receive a grant of $60,000 from this foundation along with the honor of being recognized as a worthy organization in our community deserving of help. Many thanks from all of us at CCHS to The Meadows Foundation!

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